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This is the webpage of Nicolas Olivier, CNRS Researcher at the Lab for Optics and Biosciences at Ecole Polytechnique.


Looking for a research project (M1,M2) in advanced microscopy for 2024 ? check out the projects we offer

Remember the paper we published in January ? Here is an image of the same sample as in figure 5, after more than 18 month in Slowade Diamond. (Credit: Beatrice Durel) Image

Mohammad Reza Farhadi-Nia is joining us for the summer to improve our FDTD code for coherent nonlinear microscopy.

Another paper from Jospehine’s PhD work has been published: we use FDTD to accurately reproduce experimental measurements of THG from tubular structures

Looking for some nice raw datasets to test your STORM reconstruction algorithms ? I uploaded a bunch of old vectashield datasets (2D, 3D (astigmatism), low density, high density) to zenodo. See the new dataset page

Vaky’s preprint from May 2022 is now published in a Peer-reviewed Journal

Hadjer’s work from 2021 (with some significant help from Beatrice Durel, Manon Raimbault & Audrey Laurent @ Necker in 2022) on testing Slowfade Diamond for STORM imaging has finally been published: Evaluation of Slowfade Diamond as a buffer for STORM microscopy

Spatial modeling of telomere intra-nuclear distribution reveals non-random organization that varies during cell cycle and depends on LAP2 and BAF Debora Keller, Sonia Stinus, David Umlauf, Edith Gourbeyre, Eric Biot, Nicolas Olivier, Pierre Mahou, Emmanuel Beaurepaire, Philippe Andrey & Laure Crabbe (bioRxiv)

Goodbye Twitter, Welcome Mastodon !

We present a new optimized buffer recipe for multicolor STORM imaging. See Vaky’s preprint for more details


3-color STORM image of alpha-Tubulin (Cyan, CF-750), Actin (Gray, Alexa-647), & Clathrin (Yellow,CF-568) in our newly optimized buffer.

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